College Staff

There are currently 115 teaching and support staff employed at Freeman. The College is blessed with an outstanding group of talented, generous and committed staff. A special feature of the Freeman staff is its relative youth. The average age of the classroom teacher is 32. This is well below the state average age for teachers. What the Freeman staff may lack in experience they more than compensate for with energy and enthusiasm. The staff is extremely dedicated and this is reflected in their commitment to their H.S.C. students. They are always available and offer students - holiday classes, night study and regular tutor groups before and after school. There is an outstanding rapport that exists between staff and students. This special relationship is evident with the number of Freeman students who choose teaching as a career. In the past 6 years 100 ex-students have gone into the teaching profession and 13 are currently on staff at the College.

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The College Executive Team is made up of:

Principal Mr Ray Wooby
Assistant Principal

Ms Rachel Sampson

Religious Education Co-ordinator Mrs Therese McDonald
Curriculum Co-ordinator Assistant Mrs Michelle McCallum
Pastoral Care Co-ordinator Mrs Badya Gebrael
Administration Co-ordinator Mr Petar Vrlic
Leader of Pedagogy Mr Andrew Barrs
Policy, Administration and Compliance Co-ordinator Ms Maria D'Agostino
Executive Assistant to the Principal Mrs Neda Korman

Other Leadership Positions:

eLearning Co-ordinator Mr Michael Ienna
Senior Studies Co-ordinator Mr Darren Hughes
Librarian Ms Dom Shalalo
External Sport Miss Jessica Chiefari
Internal Sport Mrs Samara La Breux
Special Education Mrs Lidia Madjeric
Youth Ministry Ms Benita Younan

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KLA Co-ordinators:

Religious Education Mrs Therese McDonald
English Mrs Elizabeth Picchio
Mathematics Ms Vivian James
Science Mr Michael Thai
TAS Mr Karel Vaclavik
CAPA Mrs Tessa Benjamin
LOTE Mrs Nina Lauretti
PDHPE Mr Steve Tanti
HSIE: History Miss Alyssa Scheinflug
HSIE: Enterprise Miss Annette Di Filippo
VET Mrs Jo Newtown

Year Co-ordinators:

Year 7 Mr Flynn Drego
Year 8 Miss Annette DiFilippo
Year 9 Mrs Diana Vocisano
Year 10 Ms Vanessa Bezzina
Year 11 MrDaniel El-Hage
Year 12 Mrs Pauline Panagiotakis

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