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Sporting Houses

All students at Freeman Catholic College belong to one of eight Sporting Houses. The eight Sports Houses are:

Throughout the year students accumulate valuable competition points by partaking in internal and external sporting competitions and participating in the swimming, athletics and cross country carnivals. The points are then tallied and at the end of the year an overall champion house is announced.

Internal Sport

Most students at Freeman Catholic College partake in the internal sports program. The Internal Sports Coordinator (Miss Watson), organises all venues and transportation for students every week. All students who do not partake in MISA (Macarthur Independent Sports Association) competition sports, partake in internal sport.

All internal sports are non-competitive, except for house sport. All competition for house sport is recorded and tallied for the final points allocation in the overall College House Sport Championships.

Below is a list of internal sports offered at Freeman Catholic College:

Indoor Soccer Basketball
Squash Table Tennis
Park Sports Weights
Sharkes Golf Ten Pin Bowling
Boxercise Aqua Aerobics
Aerobics Year 7-10 House Sports
Tennis CaSPA
Learn to Swim Ice Skating

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External Sport

Below is a list of external sports offered at Freeman Catholic College: (MISA)

Soccer Basketball
Tennis Cricket
Netball OzTag
Volleyball Softball

Apart from the external MISA competition, Freeman Catholic College also competes in other regional or state based competitions. These are listed below:

Year 10 and Senior CCC Boys and Girls Soccer Turner Trophy (U/15) Girls Soccer
Turner Cup (U15) Boys Soccer Regional and State Futsal Boys and Girls Championships
Aussie Home Loans Boys Rugby League Parramatta Knock-Out Senior and U/14's Rugby League
State CCC Netball Titles Downie and Berg Shield Cricket Competitions
MISA, Southern Sydney and State Swimming Titles MISA, Southern Sydney and State Cross Country Carnivals
MISA, Southern Sydney and State Athletics Titles

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