Academic Policies


The nature of homework should be such so that students and parents can see relevance and benefit of the set work. As much as possible, homework should be a positive learning experience that assists learning and enhances learning.

Homework also serves to develop self discipline by fostering long term habits of learning, study and planning, which together enable students to develop responsibility for their own learning.

The work set by teachers should be varied, achievable and should have its basis in established knowledge or skills. The amount of homework set should take into account that students may be involved in a range of sporting, cultural and family commitments outside of the school environment.

There should be parity across all KLAs in terms of the homework burden placed on students. A correlation should exist between the teaching hours of a subject and the amount of homework given.

Guidelines for the setting and completion of homework

For Parents

In monitoring their son/daughter’s homework, parents should:

  • Check to ensure that the amount of time spent on homework is not regularly in excess of the amount prescribed
  • Ensure that an adequate proportion of time is devoted to homework as well as to out of school activities
  • Provide a pleasant work area for the student.
  • Sign the diary (Years 7-10) and note any teacher comments.
  • Send a note, via the Diary to the teacher/s if it is not possible for homework to be completed.
  • Contact the class teacher if ongoing homework difficulties/issues arise
  • Ensure that students are spending the minimum amount of time on homework
  • Encourage reading