Information for Students

There are currently 1350 students enrolled at the College. The gender balance is even with approximately 50% Male and 50% Female. There is a great mixture of background nationalities amongst the Freeman students. This is a source of strength as students see themselves as Australians and at the same time have a pride in their background heritage. The majority of students are second generation Australians. Their parents and grandparents immigrated from Italy, Malta, Vietnam, South America, Philippines, Middle Europe, Africa and Assyria. There are over thirty language groups represented in the Freeman Community.

The Freeman parents are very supportive of the values and standards at the College and as a result the students are polite, respectful and value their education. The enrolment period is always a difficult time at the College because we have more applications than places available. This means that many Catholic families with children in Catholic feeder schools miss out on a place at Freeman. Fortunately other Catholic Schools in the area are able to support these families.